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Workshop [06.09.2014- Avanos/Nevşehir Turkey ]

 An interactive sharing- changing- saving knowledge & ideas Workshop to the pottery culture of European Union Communities. 6 September 2014Güray Museum, Yenimahalle Dereyamanlı street No:: 44 50500 Avanos /Nevşehir TURKEY.
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Lecture [26.06.2014- Warsaw - Poland]

A lecture about Cervive project took place in the premises of Polish Ceramists Association (Związek Ceramików Polskich), Warsaw Podskarbińska Street 2.
14 Ceramists, artisans, craftsmen  – members of Association of Polish Ceramists participated. 

Topic: Presentation of Learning History Toolkit/shared information on goals and ideas of the Project

Photos of the meeting:
See Feedback from participants. 

Workshop [14.06.2014- Warsaw - Poland]

The international workshop will be held as a part of the symposium of the Journal of Glass and Ceramics during the 10th Ceramic Warsaw Fair 14th of June 2014, 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. in the Centre for Promotion of Culture of South Praga District Warsaw, Podskarbiñska Street 2
For more information contact: z.jaegermann@icimb.pl 
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The workshop took place in the framework of the 10th Warsaw Ceramic Fair (68 exhibitors and 2300 visitor were informed about CERVIVE through a stand and a number of them participated in the workshop). 
 Photos of the Workshop:

[28.04.2014- Athens - Greece]

NOSIS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS & CONSULTING, OMEGA TECHNOLOGY and the ceramist Mr. Menandros Papadopoulos, Invite ceramists to participate to the project's 3rd Workshop, on 28th of April and 17.00 pm. Konstantinoupoleos 15 Street, Athens, Greece.
For reservations please call: 210 98.54.792
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Workshop [Paris 25th of March 2014]
The workshop took place at SFC on March
25th, 2014. 
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Workshop (Larnaka (Cyprus) 13 December 2013!)
The first CERVIVE workshop took place in Cyprus in December 13, 2013.
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Participation In Events 
Partner NOSIS and OMEGATECH participated to the  Panhellenic Exhibition of Artistic Ceramics that took place from 18/10 till 9/11 2013 in Athens. There was a  presentation made for the project on Saturday 2/11 with the participation of many ceramists.

Event's Program the day of the CERVIVE presentation.

Participation In Events 
Partner SFC participated to the  "Salon Maison & Objets" from 6th to 10th of September 2013 which took place in Parc des Expositions in Paris. This exhibition brings together over 4 days more than 3100 exhibitors and over 70,000 visitors. 

Participation In Events 
Partner SFC participated to the  "Ceramique en Seine" that took place from 14th to 15th of September 2013.

Dissemination Event (2.11.2013)

Project Presentation and demonstration of the History Learning Toolkit in the Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition on 2nd November 2013 at Art Gallery and Culture Hall, 207 Kifisias Avenue, Maroussi 15124 (See the program of the Event Here (in Greek)).

Latest WorkShops

Workshop [25.09.2014- - Warsaw - Poland ]  Workshop on LEARNING HISTORY TOOLKIT. The Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, Warsaw Postępu Street 9.

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Photos of the workshop



Workshop [11.09.2014- Athens Greece]

 NOSIS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS & CONSULTING, OMEGA TECHNOLOGY and the ceramist Mr. Menandros Papadopoulos invite you to participate to our Workshop On 11th of September and 17.00 pm, 109 Amfitheas Avenue, Athens, Greece.

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Photos of the workshop



Useful Material, results of the Project

Results of needs Analysis

The needs analysis in each region addresses information gathering and analysis that include base line information on the ceramic SMEs. There is an analysis of ceramists needs in each region and then there is a comparison of the findings, in order to conclude to the ceramists needs in general, as input for the learning history model. The main results of the Analysis can be found here.

Cervive Handbook (Web Edition)

One of the major outputs of the Cervive Project is a Handbook with basic training material for newcomers in the ceramic industry. A part of this handbook is available through the Website. Clik here to open it. It c
ontains only chapters for environmental issues and marketing. The entire Handbook is available for free. If you want to receive a printed copy of the entire handbook, please send your information with a post address with an email at info@nosis.gr. Handbooks will be send only subject to availability.
About the Project
Cervive project applies the Learning History model to small and medium sized ceramic enterprises, especially family operated in order the knowledge of the ancestor to be adequately and efficiently transferred to the successors (family learning) thus strengthening the contribution of elder people to the learning of others including young adults. Through History learning knowledge is being transferred in order the learners to learn:

• How do they replicate the first successes, and avoid repeating the first mistakes?
• How do they spread the sense of potential achievement through the rest of the organization?
• How do they overcome the disdain for anything "not invented in our part of the company"?

History Learning is offered through reports of actions and results. It shows readers how learning is an approach to get what they want, and it illustrates how others have achieved the results they wanted.

The main goal of the project is the development and validation of an integrated and structured software platform, composed of tools (software toolkits) that will support the procedures followed in the Learning History Model, enabling the Ceramic SMEs all over Europe to improve their competitive position and sustainability.

The consortium of the project is composed of key players in the ceramic sector in their countries (Greek Centre of Pottery, KI Keramik-Institut, Instytut Ceramiki i Materiałów Budowlanych, Cyprus Pottery – Ceramic Association, Société Française de Céramique and Egypt National Cleaner Production Centre) a consulting company with expertise in the application of the history learning model, a University with its Fine Arts Department and a technological partner with great expertise in knowledge management software for the ceramic sector. 

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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